How does the ‘tagging plus’ module meet the requirements of the EU regulation?

A solution for the single-source-of-truth approach

The leading publishing system ns.publish offers the ‘tagging plus’ module, a built-in solution based on the ‘single source of truth’ approach. tagging plus helps you implement the ESMA regulation in-house, with an integrated approach that means all reporting can be carried out simultaneously from a single data source without platform disruption. tagging plus ensures intelligent and automatic generation of customer- and EU-specific taxonomies for quick and easy ESEF reporting directly from ns.publish. Once established, mappings can simply be transferred to subsequent years.

The benefits:

  • Integrated approach without any change of platforms
  • Requires no manual intervention by external specialists
  • ESEF/XBRL Implementation and report realization from one data source (single-source-of-truth approach)
  • Automated and system-supported change management
  • Notes integrated in the system and conformity for future ESMA regulations ensured
  • tagging plus generates all of the content, i.e. the entire annual report, on the fly in XHTML format. This offers a clear advantage over most common solutions, which are limited to the financial section of the report
  • Customer-specific taxonomy extensions are directly integrated
  • Secure, web-based cloud solution

ns.publish and the concept of the ‘single source of truth’ approach

More and more companies are using editorial systems and disclosure management tools for automated reporting processes. However, each company needs to find its own way of handling ESEF. ns.publish integrates all aspects of reporting into one solution.

As a strategic partner with many years of experience, we offer companies tailored advice and model their specific solutions on a typical use case.

Use case with the ‘tagging plus’ module

For preparation, creation and publication, ns.publish offers all of the implementation steps for ESEF reporting from a single source with the tagging plus module – with a partner, but without error-prone interfaces. And it creates other publication formats at the same time. It’s incredibly simple and secure.

tagging plus enables the numerical values to be directly assigned to the appropriate IFRS tags or users to create their own extension tags. The companyspecific ESEF taxonomy is created on-the-fly and integrated into the ESEF package.

Integrated user interface for the XBRL realisation steps, with access to the other ns.publish modules.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, or join one of our free webinar on ns.publish, tagging plus or ESEF/XBRL reporting with experienced experts.

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